Thursday, July 2, 2009


Out of silence, a cry, oh beautiful sound a new life is born.

Feel the beat deep down in your soul, the pulsing realness of life, the throbbing of the earth moving through celestial lights. Gaze up into the atmosphere at the blues and reds, the undulating waves of the universe.

Taste the sweetness of fresh vibrant food, of strawberries picked from the sun warmed earth, of an apple just off the tree. Can you taste it, it is the living energy of the earth.

Dance!! Pulsating beats awakening the spirit in you, the spirit that has been crying out for release. Your body moves, you close your eyes and feel.

Remember the most sincere hug that you have ever received, the spirit of another reaching your heart, taking some of the ache away and sharing it as their own.

Remember caring, remember a good cry, remember feeling so angry that you wanted to scream and hit your pillows and bed in frustration, remember laughing until your sides hurt.

Dance, sing, scream with passion, become!!


  1. ''Remember the most sincere hug that you have ever received, the spirit of another reaching your heart, taking some of the ache away and sharing it as their own''

    That was such a long time ago... I can't even remember it. It seems like everyone wants something from you and when they get it, you're no good to them..

  2. That's how it goes sometimes, I know, it's terrible that life does that to ya'.

    Here is my truely sincere electronic **HUG** Hope you get a real one soon.


  3. You brought back memories and tears too. This is so well-expressed! Keep up the great work SG!!!

  4. Thanks Ajay!! I hope your memories were sweet ones and the tears as well.

  5. There have been times when I have longed for a good hug in the past but everyone has been so wrapped up in their own lives, but when the tables have been turned I was/am always there.
    That's life I suppose.


  6. shares a tissue with Ajay this to me is remarkable. So far the one I love the most.. Great great work SG!!

    I too would like to send a big cyber Hug to your reader Nana. I am a sucker for hugs, I love getting them and giving them , I real hug that is,hate the hugs that you cannot feel..


  7. That's lovely, those are lovely thoughts.

    Today must be a day for meditations, as I wrote (finished) some last night, then read yours and two others here online this morning. Something is in the air...

    Thank you for sharing these. Very affirming for us and for you.


  8. SG-so so true. frikk! God, let's live! so much to drink in and eat of. so much at our finger tips. so much to give. I've never understood suicide. I'll take pain over nothing. I mean if you might get one more smile, one more moment of joy somewhere down the line. one more sunrise and grey jay lighting on your shoulder. thhen press on! Live in wait. Loved your expressions, obviously. thank you,`rick

  9. Yvonne, giving sincere hugs feels terrific, it is those who fail to give them that are missing out.

    Inky, so true, the hugs you can't feel or even selfish hugs (yes they do exist) are terrible!

    Ananji, meditations are great!!

    Rick, I love your response!! Plus the idea of a grey Jay landing on your shoulder, the grey ones must be more friendly than the blue ones, cause' the blue ones fly away. Though I do have experience with little parakeets on my finger and shoulder... so I sort og know how that feels. Your absolutely right about the emphasis of this piece, grab life, good or bad and LIVE. ;D