Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Am I Real?

Each act a new line, and I hold my head so well.

Power, force, heartfelt words you would almost believe that I was real.

Oh fight, battle, blood pricked from my arm.

A profuse spilling of bitter words from my lips, which have no meaning because I am just a part.

Do they even need me at all? and the play goes on...

Act 9 Scene 2, the endless strain of hidden emotion as I bend over my veiled dreams,

protecting them from the audiences view.

With no where else to turn I take the stage again,

and sing, hoping my voice holds true.

Trembling I stand, dignity intact,

an act, an act, it is all an act!

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(Hmmm, still think this poem needs something...)


  1. You may find this Terrible for a comment , I hope it does not offend. was not my intention

    The words that came to mind and my lips when I read this post were.. HOLY CRAP. I want front row seats..

  2. From what you have posted since coming back, it sounds like there is quite a storm brewing in your soul. Did something happen while you were away, or is this just the time for what has been there for a while to come out?

  3. It is profoundly sad when we're living our lives this way, going through the movements of expectation, quelling the impromptu and spontaneous, singing in a key not natural to our voices...

    I think there's some of this hardship for all of at some points.

    But oh, what a feeling, what a feeling when we find our own voices, sing as loudly as we wish, say whatever lines and off-color dialog that comes to our minds, and then sail off the stage with the biggest bouquet... perhaps (but not necessarily) spitting on the co-star's shoe as we make our exit.

    I'm looking at some tea leaves in the bottom of my cup here... I see that in our futures. :-)


  4. My background Fishhawk, that's what it is. I am desparately trying to catch up from a lot of different stumbling blocks. I feel like there is so much that I want to do, and be, but I am constantly running out of time to do it in. I wake up each morning, go out for a run (currently walking because my muscles are sore from over exhertion) and fight, fight, fight to get everything done that I need to in order to work on things that I want to do. Read, write, draw, paint, and learn to sing (well, I have a CD from a famed voice coach that I want to listen to). So I do feel that I am on a stage, and for a big part of the time I feel fake. Because there is so much missing from what I feel I want to be.

    Thanks for the comment. :0)

  5. You said it so well!! Again Ananji, I believe we are soul sisters. :D

  6. I can certainly relate to feelings of frustration and failure, my dear Strawberry Girl. Thanks for the explanation.

  7. I found this quite interesting to read, you see 11 yrs ago on the 14th of July I lost my dear mother then 3 days later was told my husband had terminal brain cancer and he too was gone by Sept. I thought what IS going on with my life? I suppose we all have bad times in our lives but it's how we deal with it that's the secret.
    I could see what you were writing about and hope things go well for you. Good Luck.


  8. Oh Yvonne, thank you for sharing. You are right, we all have bad times, and dealing honorably in bad situations is the key. Thank you all for the reminder to not let life get me down, the road is hard, but the rewards are great!!

  9. I can feel the stress, the frustration, the anguish here. Precisely, +1 to Ananji!

    You have expressed it so well! Keep it up!!!

  10. Thank you Ajay! :0)

    I can't believe how well your all reading me here. I feel better actually, thanks.

  11. so many emotions fighting it out for supremacy. an exciting play indeed! good luck. ~rick