Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writing Bits

It is like a breezy illusion, this universe. One minute someone can be standing, right there, and the next minute they are not. Is there some kind of imprint that is left behind? The spot that I am standing at, right now, could have easily been tread by a Native American, a Cowboy, a Pioneer, or in fact any number of people, or even an animal, or dinosaur for that matter!!

Rooms, they are the containers of your soul. The character of a room changes with each occupant.

The room that she had been reclining in had been hung with various pieces of artwork, gathered from yard sales and thrift shops. She had placed them over the bare white walls, to cheer her up a bit.

Her most recent find a beautiful Alaskan flower, enlarged to show every magnificent detail. The radiant yellow and vibrant greens shone out, begging the viewer to escape into the picture frame.

She had taken a lot of thought for her surroundings, yet at the moment she scarcely noticed them. All she could think about were empty spaces.

There in the hallway, she stared at the corner of the door frame to the next room. He had proposed, right there! "Did he really stand there?" she thought "it is hard to conceive of it now."

She sighed and closed the book that she had been scanning, hoping that some of the words would reach her grief filled mind. "Was he serious! I can't really think that he was." She shuddered, from a bit of a breeze that had come in from the wintry window.

"Why would he want me? This complicated life? What did he really want, if not me?" She clenched her teeth, she knew, if he wasn't sincere then he had been talking from some mad crazed center of his brain that only wanted one thing. "You ruined me!! I cannot spend one day without thinking about you!!"

She tore herself away from her endless reflections and out she went to the hallway, briefly touching the wall as she passed, her memories a ghost that followed her. "Marry me, leave him and marry me!!" The whispered echo of his words drifted through her mind, too late, the speaker was gone.

She chuckled with bitter remorse that her path had been so hard, wasn't doing the "right thing" in life supposed to lead to some kind of reward, peace of mind, the irony stung.

(Stung again people... I started writing this last winter, I stumbled across this today. Don't feel too much in the mood to write poetry, so I thought I would put this bit up, before I lose it again.)


  1. There are times when I can clearly see silhouettes of people on various surfaces. Maybe a silhouette is the wrong description for such. For what I see often includes facial features. A few times they have even been three dimensional, but always like a photgraphic negative. They have also always been stationary. Maybe my parents were right about my over-active imagination?

  2. I do that too from time to time (dig into the cupboard) and I appreciate the irony. sometimes there are no right answers-only choices with varying consequences. ~rick

  3. Most thought provoking Strawberry girl, also it made interesting reading.
    It's surprising what different rooms have a different atmosphere, until now has never given it much thought.


  4. I just started reading your blog recently, this caught my eye. Please get unstuck hehehe.. I want to read moreeeee.. I love IT..

  5. Raw and painful.

    I have wondered the same about the rewards of doing the right thing. I have been "angel" and found myself empty despite that. And I have known rogues who have cups overflowing with material and spiritual fullness.

    Most of the time i think I know that it's what's within us that makes us full or empty. But there are other times when I ask "why?" It must happen to all of us Thinkers and Feelers.


  6. Interesting FishHawk, I thought I saw someone walking out of a tree the other day, when I looked again there was nothering there. (Could have just been my overactive imagination as well) ;D

    Rick, it is amazing to me what tiny choices can do. Tiny, seemingly insignificant. Or even things that seem to be life changing choices. Any way you go, there are sometimes large consequences. Who can really control it?

    Yvonne, rooms in general take on the personality of their occupants (or lack thereof). I have been in some seriously scary places that people have created for themselves.

    Inky, thank you so much for reading. I'm trying to flex my writing muscles here so bear with me, more interesting tidbits might be on the way.

    Ananji, you've got the jist of it, definantly, you understand me I think.

  7. This is very powerful and, as others have noticed, thought-provoking! I like your observations here! Every choice that we make is a significant one. There is no measure of significance, as far I see it. Keep writing SG!!!