Monday, June 29, 2009

Savage Vows

Leaping flames, contained by a rim of stone.

Deep peace, as I wait, the rough bark against my back.

You will find me, ancient attraction.

Brush against my hand, soft petals, tall grasses.

Lay beside me, sweet scented serenity.

Burn through me and in me, restore my faith in living.

I will be baptized, with the dawning of the radiant sun.


I am back, refreshed (for the moment), filled with deep mountain peace.

I didn't write much up in the mountains, I just wandered and absorbed, my thoughts strangely silent.

I sat down, just 3 hours ago though (to do something else) and a whole bunch of poetry came pouring out.

So here is one piece.


  1. This is so pleasant, so peaceful, a read. Welcome back!!! Looking forward to more of such beautiful poems!

  2. SG-I think the mountains did good things for you. Wish I had one near. I miss them. Actually I wish I could have followed you and just absorbed the overflow while watching the beauty of serenity overtake you and freshen your spirit.
    a baptism indeed. Pretty words you write. ~rick

  3. Hey hun! You went to the mountains? I am very jealous right now, but I'm glad you got to breathe some good country air :-) The poem is very lovely. My favorite passage is : '

    'Lay beside me, sweet scented serenity.
    Burn through me and in me, restore my faith in living.'

    It jumped out at me.

  4. I think I need a trip to the mountains.. Lovely

  5. It's funny that I couldn't actually write while I was up there. It was a time to absorb I suppose. Thank you for the comments. :D

  6. I love the first line! I wish I can just relax and write poetry all day long. hehehe. Such is the luxury that I don't have yet.