Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Don’t tell me that you don’t understand,
how could you be ignorant after all these years?

Don’t tell me that there is no plan,
I have fought, I have lost,I have groped for solutions in the dark.

I need faith, I need love, I can only do so much.
There is hope, there’s a choice there are many roads to take.
Give me breath, give me time.

I need to live, soar.

I need to find what makes me, scream and laugh,
dream and cry.

There is joy and pain, faith and despair here,
no more it is all circling endlessly down,
down into the depths of my being.

I will walk when the flame is gone.

*Photo Credit: buddymaxx50

(Another post, for which I have poured out emotion, but which may or may not reflect what I am currently feeling. Which is, alright, Cest' La Vie)


  1. That is beautiful! I wish I could write like that! :)

  2. Oh, yes, you have poured your emotion in this one. Love the last line!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Perhaps we can ask Ajey to arrange teh music for this one. It sounds like a song too!

    Lovely piece, yet, hurtful.


  4. love this photo, lots of emotions here, intense, yet GREAT.. smiles

  5. Darla, thanks, your pictures tell a story.

    Ajay, your terrific!! Thanks for the comment. :D

    Z, I was writing this as though for a song, I suppose you can see the hurt there. It is a part of life, it is unpleasant but real.

    Inky, love the photo too, I need to go and find photo credits for it (and take some candle photo's so I don't feel bad for using others candle pictures) Thanks for the comment and smiles as well. :0)