Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ephemeral Peace

Ascending higher and higher, expectation climbs as you face the unknown. How numb you feel, after so long. There are tears, they reside in a sore little spot in your chest. You don't even know why they are there, they just are and so your bafflement is complete as you step out into a world, the real world and find an eerie silence, silence as deep as the great stone canyons that rise above you.

Feel the peace of the mountains, somehow the air is richer and the stifled breath that you unconsciously held is released as you walk around and the only thoughts in your head are of greenery and the gravel which crunches beneath your feet.

There are pungent smells, growth and decay, fresh woodsy lichen and moss. Water a melodious companion to the birds filtering in the trees calling for their lovers.

Contemplate that, contemplate reality. There are busy creatures here, building homes, finding food, we are the foolish ones.

Here there is a deep peace, here is the real world, descending the mountains is heading back into insanity.


  1. "...descending the mountains is heading back into insanity."

    But you've had a dose of peace and calm, and know what's out there for you in that world. You know it's there for you when you reach for it. Hold and meditate... hold and meditate and hold... and keep that peace in your heart.

    You will keep reaching for it, and you will keep finding it.

    love and prayers...

  2. I am left speechless! The imagery in these lines are fantastic! And, then is the analogy. Brilliant! Again +1 to Ananji! Keep writing!!!

  3. I couldn't agree more. I used to travel through Montana regularly. I cried when I entered the mountains, and cried when I left them. ~rick

  4. A fantastic blog, I know the feeling, I have been up in the Spanish mountains and the feeling there is wonderful, Your message came across so very evident, Just hold on to that peaceful feeling,


  5. Rick, you got it!! There is just something about the mountians that evokes a deep sense of longing, thus the tears.

    Yvonne, that's the key, holding on. I remarked to my husband that taking a picture of the mountains left a lot to be desired because it didn't capture the essense of being there, the image on film can be boring (though it can be terrific as well!)