Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poetry Anthologies

I have decided to share a bit of poetry from my Grandmothers basement. Books of poetry compiled into lovely anthologies.

The First Poem, This is Life is a lovely little piece, beautifully strung words.

This is Life

I saw the glory of the sunrise,
Breathed the invigorating air,
And my soul rose to the very skies
When I sallied forth, proud to dare.
That was the morning.

The awful heat of the day came down;
I stooped, and my brow was wet with sweat,
And when I saw Misfortune frown
I cried, "I am not conquered yet!"
That was noonday.

The softer shades of twilight fell
And released my grip in the strife.
I am contented now to dwell
Where understanding sweetens life.
This is eventide.

~Ken Smith


  1. Beautiful poem, so descriptive and a real pleasure to read.


  2. Real Poetry *sigh*