Thursday, February 7, 2013

Longing for the River

The river

It is there as the constant companion to my blood

I can see it, dark, rushing, constant.

I would rush to it,

rush and jump in.

To come up gasping for air, only to dive into the current,

letting it carry me away.

The verdant green branches rushing past, low hanging branches calling out to me to regain my sanity.

Indecision as the waterfall approaches,

daring to put my whole self on the line, I fearlessly face it.

As it approaches I find the way through it, a rush, I go over and drop a few feet.

My mind is filled with the smell of rushing water,

and my feet thrill at the textures,

the cold soft earth of the river bed,

the moss underfoot,

the fish rub against my legs,

elusive as I try to grab them.

My body adapts to the water, I become a part of it,

rushing downstream from the mountains above.

When I climb out I shudder,

is it evaporation?


Longing for the river?


  1. My cousin and brother and I were crazy teenagers. ;p

  2. Very cool, crazy girl - you're captured what you feel about the river here and let it flow

  3. Being in the comfort of the river while cautious of its current. It brings not only joy but a bounty of fish and refreshing water.

    This is a lovely piece.


  4. Very good desriptives of your feelings for the river. most enjoyable to read.


  5. Wow! You have so beautifully conveyed the feel, the emotion of being attached or enjoying nature. On the other hand, I am sensing a longness to be away from the materialistic outside world and being completely with nature.

    Well done, you!!! Keep writing!!!