Friday, April 17, 2009

Dreams and Rainbows

by R. Wayne Porter

Have you ever seen the birth of a dream
do they arrive on some gentle wind
Or perhaps they are cast by a storm in the night
how does the spark in one's life begin

Dreams are the fire in life's short endeavor
they give meaning and purpose to each
Although some are fulfilled by a fortunate few
for most, they stay just out of reach

Are rainbows a sign created by nature
to display the beauty of dreams
Or is it a message in marvelous colors
that our lives are wonderful things

So treasure your dream and keep its fire burning
for rainclouds and fog always lift
don't get discouraged when you feel downhearted
Think Rainbows
Remember that life is a gift


  1. So weird coming in here and reading this. I actually scribbled something down last night about 'have you'
    But this is beautiful.Thanks for sharing such.

  2. "So treasure your dream and keep its fire burning..." - lovely sentiment. Great poem!