Friday, December 25, 2009

Fables and Fairy Land

The details were not important to Millie, she loved being alive and so no matter where she lived, she was a fairy or an undiscovered genuine princess. She lived and breathed the world, the lady bugs delight, friend of the fuzzy caterpillars, sister of the tree's.

So naturally when she had finished stretching out on the ugly green carpet, moss covered forest lichen to you and me, she skipped outside to say hello to her sister fairies and to find her own little home to curl up in for a while. She was dismayed to find that there must be ogres running around, because who else would leave so much litter here and there? She vowed to come back with her sister fairy Emily, when the matter of the little dwelling was solved, to clean it up.

All around her was forest magic, large bushes of intimidating size shut the way to the enchanted valley and prickly thorn bushes with their bright red berries guarded the path to the calm forest stream. No matter, who cares about bushes and their business anyway.

She turned into the arms of the welcoming tree's. She spied it! Her little home! She knew it would be there, young Chinese elm trees, which grow tall with branches extended towards the sky, were intertwined in a little circular gathering.

There were lovely places to sit, stumps and fallen trees. Someone had prepared the kitchen, the leaves had been strewn rather nicely on the floor and there were two level tree stumps, just the right height for a forest stove top. Tomorrow she would come with some eggs to cook on the stump burner with the circular element.

She felt so happy in her little home, that she hugged the nearest tree with endearing emphasis and knelt on the beautiful brown and white leaves to inspect the ground. She found herself laying on her stomach watching the ants when it suddenly occurred to her that she might not be able to recall the way out again.

Sudden terror gripped her young heart as she remembered the princess who was lost in the woods, surrounded by foreign sounds and creatures. Her friends the tree's looked down on her in their tall way and she shivered a little. Feeling the way that you might if you found yourself surrounded by tall strangers who don't understand skipping princesses.

She edged herself nearer to the little tree friend she had just hugged, she felt this little tree must be near her own age since she too was so very small. As she stood, afraid to move, she heard the call from her sister Emily. "Millie, where are you?" "Millie, dinner is almost ready. I'm hungry and mum said we can't eat without you!"

Suddenly Millie grew angry with her sister, walking in here, bringing the outside world with no respect for tree's and magical pathway's. So she kept silent, her sister grew nearer and nearer. Millie shrunk back into her little home, still silent, until Emily walked past her hiding place and she could hear her walking huffily back towards the house.

She dashed out of her hiding place, afraid that she would be left alone again and grabbed Emily's hand, startling her. "Oh Emily, I am so glad you came for me, I was lost." Emily gave her a look and rolled her eye's. "Come on, let's hurry, I am starving!" She tugged Millie along, unmercifully ignoring the forest, and Millie's tripping little feet until they were back to their home again.


  1. Wow! The imagery, the scenery you've created here is mind-blowing. Well done! Undoubtedly, a simple "cheery little story". Muwah! Keep writing honey!!!

  2. Truly cheery and lively story I must say. A girl who likes to live in her own world, a world she fantasizes and in which she is the supreme ruler. The reality doesn't appeal to her much, because in the world she has built for herself she is in control of life. I guess you have captured the emotions of every young heart, a heart that is not bound by physical boundaries. Really beautiful.

  3. The beautiful and picturesque description transports the reader to this fairyland.. One can actually visualise a place filled with cheer and happiness

    Loved everything about this post.. the quaint story,the sweet Millie and the enchanting visual created thru your words :)

  4. really cute one. beautiful story, wonderfully written.

  5. Anney, you brought back memories here friend. (Hugs). Your story is so beautifully told. It is simple, serene, beautiful. Makes me just say, "Ah!". As your Ajey put it, keep writing Anney!

  6. geez, you're a talented writer!

    strawberries, i once had to dress up in a strawberry costume for a school play. it was not a nice memory.

    but anyways, i think you're name is great!

  7. Thank you darling for the comment... xx

    Vittal, thank you for visiting and for the comment! :)

    Judith, thanks :)

    Nikki, I'm glad you liked it

    Island of peace, thank you for the comment :)

    J, I'm glad that it has brought back memories for you. :)

    Mule, thanks :) (um, you had to dress up in a strawberry costume...? hmmm)